Minnetonka Middle School West e-Learning Plan

Effective April 6, 2020

Instruction will be delivered primarily through the use of iPads and the District’s Schoology program. The District has extensive experience delivering online instruction through Tonka Online, Minnetonka High School's e-learning program.

This does not mean that students will be on technology for the entire amount of time, but they should have a balance of time on Schoology and work on the assignments given without technology.  

  • Students in Grades 5-12 already have iPads to use daily, and they are very familiar with their use for instruction and doing schoolwork.  
  • Students and teachers will follow the respective class schedule students would have in school and plan on having the same breaks, lunch and overall school day they would have if in school.

Frequently Asked Questions for MMW Families

Minnetonka Middle School West is here to help if you are having trouble with e-learning. Please review the frequently asked questions below, which should answer most of your questions.


For up to the minute updates on Minnetonka Public Schools' response to coronavirus (COVID-19), e-Learning and district-wide resources, please visit our dedicated webpage.